Weird/Awesome Williamsburg Graffiti

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Hi. So I’ve been terrible about updating this blog for the past, like, 6 months. But my goal is to get back to a much more regular posting schedule. (You’re relieved, I know.) Anyway, in my absence from this fine publication, I have moved from the East Village to Brooklyn.

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I had some friends in town this weekend who were making their first trip to Williamsburg, so I had to show them a good time. While we were walking back to my apartment after dinner at Beco, we came across a cute gay couple who was walking their equally cute puppy, Max. So we obviously stopped to pet him. After a few minutes of oohing and aahing over Max, one of the guys said something along the lines of, “If you think he’s great, you should see all the graffiti that’s gone up along this street in the past few days. Just take a left down that alley. It’s really beautiful and it will probably be gone in a few days.” Which is weird, right? But since we apparently have no regard for our personal safety we decided to go.

Here’s what we found:


Cool, right? I can’t decide which graffitum is my fave. And then wandering around today I found these:


Jemaine, is that you???


That’s all for now. How can I ever make my absence up to you?


Too much?

Kbyeeee. xoxoxoxoxo

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