Weekly Wanderlust: Vienna, Austria

Wien, Ringstrasse, Rathaus, Adventmarkt, Adventzauber

It’s starting to feel like Christmas in NYC, so our Weekly Wanderlust is a place known for its Christmas markets – Vienna, Austria! It’s also known for coffee, wine, psychoanalysis, amazing architecture – all my favorite things. Here are the places I’ll be checking out when I visit.



Palais Coburg Residenz

This used to be a private residence and now it’s just my dream home. With 34 suites, 2 restaurants (1 that’s Michelin starred), and a Wine Spa (WHAT IS THAT EVEN?) I want to go here and never leave. Are there squatter’s rights in Vienna and, if so, do they apply to me refusing to leave a hotel room?


Hotel Sacher

So opulent and fabulous. The hotel was founded in 1876 by the restaurateur Eduard Sacher. His wife, Anna Sacher,  became hotel manager after his death and she quickly earned a reputation for both her business savvy and her eccentricity – she was never been seen without her French Bulldogs and a cigar, which makes her way cooler than anyone I know. Under her rule the hotel became one of the finest in Europe. It also went bankrupt, but that’s neither here nor there.


LOISIUM Wine & Spa Resort

A hotel and spa for wine-lovers located a hour outside of Vienna. The 82 guestrooms feature the wine theme and a map of an underground labyrinth of 900-year-old wine cellars. The hotel also has year-round heated outdoor swimming pool, an Aveda spa offers wine-based treatments, and a spectacular wine savvy restaurant.



Belvedere Palaces

Built in the early eighteenth century, the Belvedere palaces (yes, plural) served as the summer residence of the Prince Eugene of Savoy. The property includes two palaces, pretty epic gardens, and an orangery(!). Today it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site and houses the world’s largest collection of Gustav Klimt paintings.



Austrian National Library

This commanding baroque library dates from 1723 and served as the palace library until 1920, when it became a possession of the state. It may take you time to focus on the books, given the frescoes and gilt adorning the main hall.


Vienna State Opera

I mean, just look at it…


Schönbrunn Palace

This 1,441-room Baroque palace served as the residence of the Habsburg emperors from the 18th century to 1918. Six year old Mozart played here for Empress Maria Theresa; today concerts are often held in the palace’s Orangery (another one!).




Cafe Sperl

A traditional Viennese coffee house dating back to the 1880s. This spot has been a favorite of many singers, artists, writers, architects, generals and public officials. Features pool tables, pastries, and lots of international newspapers.


Daniel Bakery

Located in the Hotel Daniel, this hybrid café, restaurant, bar, shop and lounge offers a great breakfast buffet, and is a great place to relax, work, or people watch.


Cafe Central

This famous traditional café with its 130 year history was first opened in 1876 and at the turn of the 20th century it was a popular meeting point for leading lights in the world of art, literature, politics and science such as Arthur Schnitzler, Sigmund Freud, Peter Altenberg and Leo Trotzki.

1-Café Central at Palais Ferstel, Vienna

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