Weekly Wanderlust: Cusco, Peru

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Things in Cusco, Peru: Machu Picchu. Beautiful architecture. Hotels in old monasteries. Great food. Llamas.

With so many sweet offerings, how could this week’s Weekly Wanderlust not be Cusco? Let’s start at the Hotel Monasterio, a former monastery built on old Inca walls. Located in the center of the city, the hotel is filled with 16th century paintings and antiques (the art history major in me just squealed) and rooms are oxygen enriched to combat the effects of high altitude.

courtyard 2

Hotel Monasterio, Cusco, Peru




Hotel Monasterio, Cusco, Peru

If you go all the way to Cusco, you need a pretty good excuse to skip Machu Picchu. But if hiking the Classic Inca Trail for the four day trek to the “Lost City of the Incas” ain’t your thang, check out these great alternatives.

Macchu Picchu

Macchu Picchu

And LOOK AT ALL THE LLAMAS! Sweet llamas, fashionable llamas, photobombing llamas! This alone makes me want to go to Cusco!


Plus, this is Cusco’s flag. For real. So you know it’s gonna be a party. Flag_of_Cusco_Region

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