Sunday Bunday


Maybe it’s because I woke up with uber-greasy hair and there was no way I was leaving it down, or maybe it was because I was thinking about cinnamon buns, but I had the urge to do a post on buns of the hair variety. Aside from being easy, it can also be one of […]

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Over the Luna

I have come to realize that making appointments and deciding on salons, doctors, etc. in a foreign country is quite difficult when you aren’t fluent in the language.  So when I needed a haircut I googled “best hair salons in Buenos Aires” and perused a number of forums before deciding upon the Javier Luna salon. […]

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Holiday Hair

So many holiday parties, so little time.  But we don’t want to look the same at all of them, now do we?  So I put together a list of my favorite (relatively easy) hair styles to get you through the season.   This look is sleek and classic with a simple bun at the nape of […]

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