Leslie Tessler FW 2013 Collection

Leslie Tessler FW 2013

I became friends with Leslie Tessler when we met at Pilates class in Buenos Aires. We had both moved to South America in early 2010 and became fast friends. Although I came back to the US after a year in Argentina, Leslie and I kept in touch and in late 2011, I was so excited […]

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Lust List: Annabel Ingall’s Gorgeous Handbags


I haven’t been able to stop thinking about Annabel Ingall’s gorgeous handbags ever since I came across them a few months back at Clic Gallery in Soho. (Sidenote: I want to live in Clic Gallery. If I were to stop by one day- say, tomorrow- and refuse to leave, squatter’s rights should apply. No?) ANYWAY. These […]

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Project Pop-Up NYC at STORY

Story Pop Up Shop

Located at 10th Avenue and West 19th Street is STORY, a 2000 square foot retail space that changes its theme, merchandise, and design every four to eight weeks. Past themes have included Love, Color, and New York State of Mind. The current “story,” if you will, features the 11 winners of Project Pop-Up NYC. All […]

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Weird/Awesome Williamsburg Graffiti

Screen shot 2013-04-06 at 9.45.37 PM

Hi. So I’ve been terrible about updating this blog for the past, like, 6 months. But my goal is to get back to a much more regular posting schedule. (You’re relieved, I know.) Anyway, in my absence from this fine publication, I have moved from the East Village to Brooklyn. I had some friends in […]

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L-atitude Holiday Pop Up Shop


Yesterday, while finishing up my Christmas shopping, I decided to stop by the pop up shop held by L-atitude, the amazing “online portal for shopping trips around the world.” The site offers incredible pieces (jewelry, bags, clothing, etc.) from exotic locations that I’m dying to visit, but can’t quite justify traveling to right now. Held […]

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Pleats, Please

In my humble opinion, throwing on a pleated skirt or dress is the easiest way to  look completely professional and pulled-together while still remaining completely comfortable. Luckily, they are in this spring and summer. Here are some of my favorites. Perfect for hot summer days. Just don’t walk over any subway grates.

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A while back I went to a jewelry sample sale at Midtotwn’s Ace Hotel (which has free wi-fi in the lobby; not that I just go there to use it or anything. Ok, fine I do, but so do a lot of other people).  Anyway.  At said sample sale, there were a bunch of cool designers […]

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Hipster Glasses for All

I’ve been looking for a pair of hipster-ish glasses for a while now, but all the ones I like are super expensive. Bummer, right? So I was pumped when I heard about Warby Parker, the TOMS of eyewear. You buy a pair of glasses (for only $95!) and with the help of their partner RestoringVision.org, one […]

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“Inscribe all human effort with one word…”

I’ve always loved jewelry that is inscribed or has some sort of writing on it.   One of my favorite necklaces is a simple silver pendant that says “Wish” on one side and “Believe” on the other.  It’s not inscribed exactly, but the idea is there.  I bought it right before I graduated from college, when […]

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life is like a MintBox of chocolates

Another members-only sample-sale site?   GET OUTTA TOWN.  Because everyone and their mother isn’t hopping on that bandwagon (which, by the way, is the best bandwagon EVER).  Anyway.  Mintbox is a website that offers members access to private sales and events, style advice from designers and stylists, AND 5% cash back on every purchase.   Unlike most sample sales […]

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