Little Brown Bag

Screen shot 2013-07-19 at 6.30.33 PM

I love me a good bag. But I almost always wear black and, with just a few exceptions, I really don’t like how black and brown look together. So my brown bag collection is lacking. But there really isn’t much that looks better with navy skinny jeans, a white cashmere sweater, and a leopard print scarf than a supple […]

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Perforated Perfection

DEI 440x285 F-SAUM PER2 INTL_a

It’s finally spring in New York and the temperature is slowly starting to creep up.  But it’s not quite warm enough to break out the shorts and tanks quite yet. So what do you need? Some ventilation. Luckily perforation is all the rage. Designers high and low are poking holes in their tops, skirts, and […]

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