Just Keep Spinning, Just Keep Spinning

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I’ve always wanted to try biking in NYC. But I also want to live. And I’m not sure the two can coexist. However, the recent arrival of Citi Bikes to New York has tempted me to throw caution to the wind and start pedaling away with abandon. (Maybe even without a helmet! Gasp!) I mean, everyone’s […]

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Leslie Tessler FW 2013 Collection

Leslie Tessler FW 2013

I became friends with Leslie Tessler when we met at Pilates class in Buenos Aires. We had both moved to South America in early 2010 and became fast friends. Although I came back to the US after a year in Argentina, Leslie and I kept in touch and in late 2011, I was so excited […]

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Leslie Tessler Trunk Show


There are lots of things I miss about Buenos Aires.  One is the cafes which are so much better than New York that, quite often, I find myself tripping over my words and struggling to verbalize just how inferior almost every coffee shop on the island of Manhattan seems to be.  Anyway… Another (probably more […]

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Over the Luna

I have come to realize that making appointments and deciding on salons, doctors, etc. in a foreign country is quite difficult when you aren’t fluent in the language.  So when I needed a haircut I googled “best hair salons in Buenos Aires” and perused a number of forums before deciding upon the Javier Luna salon. […]

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