The Bling (Ear)Ring

Screen shot 2013-07-11 at 12.28.25 AM

We all love big, bold jewelry. But the thought of putting on a beautiful chunky necklace on before heading out into the muggy 90 degree heat makes me want to kick someone in the face.  So my go-to summer look is generally hair piled on top of my head and big earrings. Here are some […]

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Push it to the Max(i)


Colordot maxidress,, $188 Ah, the joys of spring. Birds chirping, sun shining, gentle breezes blowing. Perfect, right? Not exactly. Those gentle breezes may not be so gentle and if you’re wearing a cute spring skirt, chances are pretty good that you’ll be flashing your cute little tushie to everyone on the block. Which is why […]

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Spring 2011

Since it has been soooooo unbearably cold, thoughts of spring have barely crossed my mind and, thus, neither have thoughts of spring fashion. But despite the fact that we are half-way through March, and the Fall 2011 Fashion Weeks have already come and gone, I figured I should post something on what I like this spring… […]

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