Leslie Tessler FW 2013 Collection

Leslie Tessler FW 2013

I became friends with Leslie Tessler when we met at Pilates class in Buenos Aires. We had both moved to South America in early 2010 and became fast friends. Although I came back to the US after a year in Argentina, Leslie and I kept in touch and in late 2011, I was so excited […]

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Back in States, back on Wagon

After a year in Argentina, much of which was spent consuming steak, cheese, wine, and dulce de leche filled/covered pastries, I have returned to the States, well aware that these habits cannot continue. Sadly, I can no longer consider a leisurely stroll a sufficient cardiovascular activity. Especially when said leisurely stroll ends at a bakery. […]

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Over the Luna

I have come to realize that making appointments and deciding on salons, doctors, etc. in a foreign country is quite difficult when you aren’t fluent in the language. ┬áSo when I needed a haircut I googled “best hair salons in Buenos Aires” and perused a number of forums before deciding upon the Javier Luna salon. […]

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