I <3 (Relic)NY

Relic NY

I’m always jealous of people who have closets full of amazing vintage pieces that look chic and trendy instead of old and moth-eaten (because you really do tread a thin line with vintage stuff).  But I am way too impatient to search through the crowded racks in typical vintage stores hoping to find that one piece I’ve spent my life dreaming of.  Now I don’t have to.  Relic NY allows shoppers to eliminate the middleman (and by middleman I mean the racks of grimy clothes that you inevitably have to dig through in order to find something good).  At RelicNY.com you can search by designer or style, check out the look book, and see new finds.  My favorite find was the vintage DVF wrap dress for $150, but the Hermes blazer was OK, too.

Visit www.relicny.com for more.

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