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If I wasn’t already in the mood for holiday shopping, I definitely am now. Last week my company Flora Nuit partnered with Yummie by Heather Thomson and Portobello Road Gin for a fun little event at The Farm in Soho. Guests shopped new loungewear from Yummie (which is what I’ll be wearing all Fall and Winter) and sipped custom cocktails from Portobello Road Gin, including a Concorde Grape Punch (recipes below) that are perfect for all holiday parties this year.

UrbanStems provided the beautiful bouquets. (AWESOME DEAL ALERT: Save $7 on your first bouquet with the code FloraNuit7.) The delicious (and healthy!) munchies were from Ox Verte, and Rituals provided the candles and lots of luxe goodies for the gift bags. Dick Taylor Chocolate sent over yummy treats as well and, as self-proclaimed chocolate connoisseurs, we can say with complete confidence that the Black Fig is AH-mazing.


Check out the rest of the photos and our favorite loungewear pieces from the evening, photos by Tutti del Monte.

G & G punch

8 oz concord grape syrup (squish grapes with skin for color, strain, add simple syrup equal parts water/sugar)
8 oz fresh squeezed lime juice
16 oz Portobello Road Gin
Serve in a punch bowl with ice, garnish bowl with lime wheels and deseeded concord grapes, label for your guests into a highball with ice, enjoy with a straw.


Classic Negroni
1 oz gin (Portobello Road)
1 oz cappalletti (try Campari for more bitter, or Aperol for more sweet)
1 oz sweet vermouth (Cocchi di Torino, Dolin Rouge, or Carpano Anitca Formula)
Stir for 30 seconds, strain over one large cube into a rocks glass, garnish with an orange or grapefruit twist.
50/50 Martini
3 dash orange bitters
1.5 oz doling dry vermouth
1.5 Portobello Road Gin
Stir strain into a chilled martini glass and garnish with a lemon twist


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