Over the Luna

I have come to realize that making appointments and deciding on salons, doctors, etc. in a foreign country is quite difficult when you aren’t fluent in the language.  So when I needed a haircut I googled “best hair salons in Buenos Aires” and perused a number of forums before deciding upon the Javier Luna salon.

One word, three syllables- Faaaaabulous.   After much consideration, I brought in this picture of Penelope Cruz:

After a wonderful washing/head massage, Javier came over looking fabulous in all white (everyone else wore all black- he was like a shining star in the night sky).  As he worked his magic he told me about the time he did Penelope’s hair in Rome for a L’Oreal commercial.  They’re on a first-name basis- no big deal.  And while my hair was dried and styled to look exactly like the photo, I watched a very pregnant dachshund in a leopard print jacket waddle around the salon.  Needless to say it was a awesome way to spend an afternoon.   Oh, and I made the appointment only 3 days in advance and it cost $63.

I had one tiny complaint – they asked if I wanted something to drink so I asked for a tea.  Fifteen minutes later I figured they had forgotten- it was ok, I wasn’t that thirsty.  But all of sudden a waiter for a cafe nearby shows up, tray and all, with my tea… and charges me for it.  It was only like $1.50, but it was the principle of the thing.  Everything else was wonderful though, so I’ve moved on.

Javier Luna

Godoy Cruz 3212, Buenos Aires

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