Ok, this is embarassing…

I have a confession to make.  I hope that after I get this off my chest we can put it behind us, move on and remain friends.  Nay, I hope that this admission will help our bond to become stronger because I am throwing caution to the wind and showing you a dark piece of my soul.  Ok.  So.  Here it goes.

Sometimes I go to Wal-Mart. Iwentotoschoolinasmalltownitwasallwehad!

So, the weather’s getting cold outside and a staple of my winter wardrobe has come out in full force – tights.  I wear them with skirts, shorts, and sometimes even pants, just cuz I like how they make me feel.

But back to my egregious avowal.  I have tights from J. Crew, Wolford, and other such establishments, but THE BEST tights that I have come across come from the one and only Wal-Mart.  The George Opaque tights are (duh) completely opaque, surprisingly comfortable, and amazingly durable.  For example, I work in an art gallery and today they’ve been getting caught on frames and hooks and furniture, but they look as good as new… and they’re like a year old.  At about $4 a pair, I DARE YOU to find a better deal.

Whenever people ask where I get my tights, I just smile and say, “George…io Armani.”

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