My New Favorite Distraction

As if there aren’t enough things to distract us from work/school/life in general, I have come upon a site that may, for me, take the cake. is “the world’s first online social shopping community.”  The site allows you shop online for clothing, accessories, shoes and beauty products from designers ranging from Adidas to Alexander McQueen, from Gap to Givenchy. It allows you to create looks from this enormous inventory. It allows you to buy and share said looks.

Here is my first look. What do you think?

What really sets apart from other sites, however, is the fact that it allows members to shop together in real time. Soon, members will be able to use live video chat to shop, create looks, and share them with friends (or “friends”) throughout the world.  Pretty cool, methinks.

To see my looks and my dream shopping bag (and to follow me!), go here.  To sign up yourself and become a founding member, go here.

*Warning– the site is still in beta, so it’s a bit slow and they are still working out the kinks.

Shirt- Jaeger, $320; Skirt- Diane Von Furstenberg, $265; Scarf- Yves Saint Laurent, $1,010; Leather Jacket- Maje, $812; Shoes- Giuseppe Zanotti, $554; Bag- Mulberry, $2,870; Bracelets- Lucas Jack Eclipse Jet Bangle, $148 and Samma Square Cut Out Bracelet, $327

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