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Mother’s Day is upon us and unless you are a horrible child or you have a horrible mother, you should be thinking of what to get the woman from whose loins you sprung. Here are the things I’m deciding between for my mom (or, in the spirit of Cinco de Mayo, mi madre)…

My mom is an interior designer who loves coffee, so I always get her design books for her coffee table. I don’t think she ever reads them, but I keep buying them…

Inspired Styles, Assouline, $65

This Louis at Home Regency Robe is SO soft and classic and a perfect gift for mom.

Louis at Home Regency Robe,, $170

Everyone loves a good meal. Join Savored where you can get 30% off your entire bill at over 1,000 restaurants (you just have to pay $10 for the reservation).

Picture frames (filled with pictures of me, obviously) are always a hit with my mom.

Deluxe wall gallery frame, Red Envelope, $99.95

My mom and I just saw the movie Chimpanzee and it was just about our favorite thing ever. So until I can afford to buy her an African safari, adopting a chimp will have to do…

Save the Chimps, $150/year to adopt

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