life is like a MintBox of chocolates

Another members-only sample-sale site?   GET OUTTA TOWN.  Because everyone and their mother isn’t hopping on that bandwagon (which, by the way, is the best bandwagon EVER).  Anyway.  Mintbox is a website that offers members access to private sales and events, style advice from designers and stylists, AND 5% cash back on every purchase.   Unlike most sample sales sites which are only on-line, Mintbox offers sales both on-line and in-stores.  This way you can actually try things on before making your decision, instead of clicking the “Buy” button and praying that whatever arrives on your doorstep is what you were expecting.  Plus, some of the in-store events are parites with designers, trunk shows or other makeyoufeelreallycool things.

















Click here and use the code AAMB5 to join.

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