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There are lots of things I miss about Buenos Aires.  One is the cafes which are so much better than New York that, quite often, I find myself tripping over my words and struggling to verbalize just how inferior almost every coffee shop on the island of Manhattan seems to be.  Anyway… Another (probably more important) thing I miss is the great people I met while living in B.A., so I couldn’t have been more excited when I got an email from my friend Leslie with an invitation to the New York debut of her new collection of capes!

Screen shot 2013-04-06 at 11.18.38 PM


Leslie always had great taste, so I was sure the collection would be gorgeous, and the lookbook she sent along just confirmed it. The pieces were all chic, classic, fun, and so versatile.

Unfortunately my attempt at arriving fashionably late to the trunk show this past Sunday backfired, and almost everything had sold out. Luckily, I spotted a gorgeous teal cape, perfect for spring and summer, hanging on the rack and immediately whipped out my (parents’) credit card.

foto_9(The one I got.)


The pieces are beautifully made and super-luxurious (think Peruvian alpaca, Italian cashmere, and French woven silk). Right now the collection is only available through private sale, so go to LeslieTessler.com or email info@leslietessler.com for more information. Go right now. 1. The capes are awesome. 2. I’m guessing the prices will go way up once more people hear about them. You can thank me later. But I’ll say you’re welcome now.

(Leslie and I.)

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