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While wandering through Williamsburg a few weeks ago, my friend and I both spotted an unassuming little store front that neither of us had seen before. As we walked closer we decided that it looked awesome and that we should go inside. It turned out to be the newly-opened boutique, Joinery, which was, in fact, awesome. Not only is the store itself gorgeous and rustic, the pieces in it are so, so unique.

There’s an eclectic mix of jewelry, clothing (men’s and women’s), and home goods from around the world.  Owner Angela Silva beautifully curates a collection that includes black diamond bracelets from Tokyo-based E.M. Noir, gorgeous pieces from Canada-based lingerie line Fortnight, and hand-woven textiles from Brazil.

Unfortunately, one of the store’s best features isn’t for sale. Charlie, an adorable shih tzu-poodle mix (shitdoodle?), observed us from his little bed by the register while we browsed.  When he grew tired of us, he took his miniature tennis ball, flung it a few feet in front of himself and then happily began to play catch… with himself. It took all we had not to grab him and run. But then we probably wouldn’t be welcome back at Joinery.  And we definitely didn’t want to risk that.

Joinery- 263 S. 1st St. Williamsburg, NY 11211

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