I Want That In My Mouth

By Kiki Moreo


As an intern, and a very poorly paid intern at that, going out in the city has its problems.  For example, waking up the next morning and realizing that by simply having dinner, paying the door cover to a bar, getting two drinks and then getting a cab home, you have spent half of your week’s pay… well that’s a problem.  In search of an answer to my problems, my fellow interns and I have started searching for deals.  And I recently found a great one.
Japonais.  A contemporary Japanese restaurant, Japonais on the corner of 18th and Park, is absolutely amazing!  Now, it’s normally a pretty expensive place, but from 5-11 Monday –Thursday and 5-8 Friday and Saturday you can get an amazing meal for an incredibly low price.  The Japonais tasting menu is pure genius.
Drinks? – $4
Appetizers? – $7
Sandwiches? – $12
And these are not you run of the mill cheap drinks and food.  They are amazing!  The appetizers are also pretty big and can definitely stand as a meal.  

The ambiance is also great- really fun and trendy.  There is a large bar area with a lounge full of small sofa chairs and tables, and the dining room is really big.  There’s also a sushi bar.
Basicallyanywayslongstoryshort, this is my new favorite place.  The food is amazing, and even if you don’t order off of the tasting menu, there are a few very reasonably priced items on their main menu- like “the Rock” a thinly sliced New York strip steak cooked on a hot rock presentation- which is my absolute favorite.

 111 E. 18th Street
New York, NY  10003
(212) 260-2020

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