Hipster Glasses for All

I’ve been looking for a pair of hipster-ish glasses for a while now, but all the ones I like are super expensive. Bummer, right? So I was pumped when I heard about Warby Parker, the TOMS of eyewear. You buy a pair of glasses (for only $95!) and with the help of their partner RestoringVision.org,¬†one of the 500 million people in the world without proper vision care gets a pair as well (along with the ability to read, work, and and do other semi-important things like that). They offer 27 limited-edition frames, all with a vintage feel. The frames are made from custom cellulose acetate, which sounds pretty legit, and the lenses are high-end, anti-reflective polycarbonate (also legit).

So this company gives me cheap, stylish, well-made glasses, and the feeling that I’ve done something good for someone else. But I think my favorite thing about Warby-Parker is that they offer a monocle.

Because this is toolish in the best way possible.

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