Fall 09 Hair

Best hairstyles for fall.  Chic. Easy. Do it. Love it.

Wrap Pony

Fall Hair- Wrap pony

Leave a chunk of hair out at the nape of your neck and pull the rest back with an elastic.  Wrap that piece around the elastic and secure with hair pins.  Spray hairspray on your hands and gently run over hair to get rid of fly-aways.

Deep Side Part

Fall Hair- side part

Part your hair really far to the side.  Do I really need to explain that one?

Messy Bun

Fall hair- Messy bun

Spray Dream Curls Curl Perfecting Spray by John Frieda ($7)  in hair and let dry.  Put hair up in a loose ponytail and then create a messy bun, securing the hair with bobby pins.

Tousled Waves

Fall Hair- waves

I blow dry my hair 3/4 or the way, spray Aussie Sprunch Hair Spray (hate the name, love the stuff) all over and go to bed.  This is pretty much how it looks when I wake up.

Side Pony

Fall hair- side pony

Follow steps listed above.  Pull hair to side and put a ban around it.  Maybe tease it a little at the top.


Fall hair- straight

I don’t get why people are always talking about getting blowouts.  Buy a straightener and shut the fuck up.

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