Greenpoint Photo Shoot


I ¬†met the lovely and talented photographer Shang Saavedra through a mutual friend and when she asked if I’d be interested in posing for one of her in(SP)iration¬†photo shoots, I said “Duh.”

She came to Greenpoint, Brooklyn (my old ‘hood) early one Sunday morning and I showed her around while we took some fun photos. She’s got such a great eye and is so fun to work with. (If you’re in the market for wedding or engagement photos, headshots, or just a fun photo shoot like this one, definitely get in touch with her!)

I was pretty excited to wear my Tibi Silk Faille Full Skirt (which I think I may have to get in black as well) and give the crop top trend a spin. Greenpoint is a really interesting mix of gritty and gorgeous and Shang did a pretty fabulous job of capturing that in these photos.

Top: Zara // Skirt: Tibi // Shoes: Coach (Similar here) // Bag: Hermes

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