Girl Crush: Jewelry Designer Madhuri Parson

© Madhuri Parson signature Jadau set

I met jewelry designer Madhuri Parson about a year and a half ago at a Flora Nuit event where the hostess had us featuring our lingerie and Madhuri showing her stunning collection. Lingerie and jewelry – pretty good pairing, right? I swooned over all of Madhuri’s pieces and (obviously) started following her on Instagram. A few weeks ago, I was working from the Marlton Hotel in the West Village and thought I spotted a familiar face. So I awkwardly went up to her and said something along the lines of “Uh…. are you a jewelry designer?” She looked at me like I was a bit of a crazy pants (understandably), but then remembered we had met before and we started chatting.

Not only did we decide to try to develop a few fun lingerie/jewelry events, we became co-working buddies (The Marlton really is the best, but don’t tell too many people), and she graciously agreed to answer some questions for the blog! Check out the interview and drool-inducing jewelry below!

Madhuri_Parson_Statement_Peacock © Madhuri Parson_22kt_thin_bangles

1. Tell me about your background and how you got into jewelry design. 

I saw an opportunity for a high-end jewelry line that was undeniably chic, yet understated enough to be worn from day to evening. I felt there was a gap in the market for versatile exotic jewelry so I created a collection that not only captures an Old World charm and modern-day aesthetics, but also can be worn for multiple modern looks.


My foray into the luxury jewelry space comes after nearly a decade of working in the industry where I became an expert in marketing, sourcing, production and product development along with my six generation family heritage in jewelry industry in India. I studied jewelry design at the Fashion Institute of Technology, received a diploma from the Gemological Institute of America, got hands-on experience working on my debut collection with artisans in India, gained jewelry development expertise working in China and Hong Kong directly with manufacturers and honed my knowledge of the category during my tenures at David Yurman, and Liz Claiborne, Inc.


My admiration for jewelry was set at an early age, where my late grandfather, a successful gem dealer and jewelry designer in India, exposed me to the craft of fine jewelry in India.


© Madhuri Parson 22kt Yellow_Dia_Ring 

2. How did you hone your skills?

Attending the Gemological Institute of America’s diamond grading and colored gemstone courses taught me everything about the stones and the knowledge I acquired prepared me when sourcing and negotiating with the stone dealers. Also, I went to FIT for the part-time Jewelry Design and Making courses. It helped me work more efficiently with manufacturers and understand the full scope of the jewelry product development stage. Lastly, working at David Yurman was an incredible experience to learn all aspects of running a full-on jewelry business.
© Madhuri Parson 22kth YG Jadau Rock Crystal & Rhodolite Jumki Earrings

3. What are your 3 favorite pieces you’ve designed?


I am actually in love with many of my designs since I try to meticulously show all details within each jewelry piece. However, the most intricate pieces I’ve made and, I suppose the ones I worked the hardest on in terms of engineering the piece, are the following:


22kt Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire encrusted Peacock Statement Necklace


©Madhuri Parson_Statement_Peacock_Necklace


22kt Diamond and Lemon Quartz Floret Earrings


© Madhuri Parson signature Jadau setRESIZED


18kt Rose Gold Diamond and Pearl Tassel Necklace


4. What should someone look for when purchasing her first piece of fine jewelry for herself?


I would suggest to a first time purchaser of fine jewelry to meet with a trustworthy jeweler and/or brand that they feel comfortable buying from. Quality, in my opinion, is extremely important. Ask questions about the gemstone’s quality, inspect the entire piece of jewelry. Try it on to know if it feels too heavy or just the right weight. I think jewelry is an emotional purchase. You must love the piece you buy. One day it will be a part of your heirloom.




5. What are 3 pieces of advice you have for makers or designers looking to develop their own brands?
1.   Stay true to your design aesthetics
2.   Let product speak for itself
3.   Be humble

6. Who is your style icon?
Queen Rania


{Editor’s Note: YESSSSSS.)

7. Who’s your celebrity crush?
Ryan Gosling in the Notebook


8. Favorite hidden gems in NYC?

Tea / coffee / hangout

9. What is the inspiration for your next collection?
My inspiration for the next collection will consist of tapping in to my Indian roots for design details and western sensibility of sleek, modern lines – a juxtaposition of Old World Charm and chic style.

10. Any exciting projects coming up for the brand?
We ramping up on some exciting projects for the holiday and beyond… one of which is partnering with the largest department store in the US…we can’t wait to share more details soon!


CONGRATS! Last question: Can I have these pieces I tried on when we first met?




KIDDING! (Unless you were going to say yes…)


432_391Want something of your own? Yeah, you do.
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