August 25, 2009

Easy as 1, 2, 3, (4, 5)

If you are moving into a new place or are just tired of the way your apartment/house/condo/trailer is decorated, have I got a suggestion for you.  A good one.  Buy some canvases and some paint colors you like.  Paint each canvas a different color.  Let dry.  Hang up.  It’s actually that easy.  This took me about half an hour and is a simple, chic way to freshen up a room.

3 canvases

These would look great against a light colored wall, but (if you’re brave) they look amazing against a black wall.

So. Let’s review:

Step 1. Buy canvas.

Step 2. Buy paint.

Step 3. Put the paint on the canvas.

Step 4. Hang it up.

Step 5. Receive compliments

Tools to Do It Yourself (and why wouldn’t you want to? This looks friggin’ sweet.)

Three 20×20 inch Back Stapled Traditional Canvases by The Artist’s Canvas

$5.99 each x 3 = $17.97, Michael’s.

Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylic paint in Bright Aqua Green, Medium Magenta, and Cobalt Blue Hue

$5.23 each x 3 = $15.69, NY Central Art Supply (62 3rd Ave).

Crappy Paint Brush- $2.99

The bristles kept falling off and I had to take them off the canvas with tweezers.  I recommend investing in something a little nicer.

Total Cost – $36.65

If you’re feeling gutsy and the monochrome prints are a little too elementary for you, here’s something a bit more advanced.  Choose three colors that work well together and will work in the room you want to hang the finished product in. I would recommend two darker colors and one lighter one. Buy one canvas that will fit well in the room you are decorating. Start painting one end of the canvas with one of your darker colors and slowly let the color fade as you move toward the middle third of the canvas until is it barely visible.  Repeat this one the other end of the canvas using your other dark color.  Next, apply your lightest color in a single stripe, dividing the canvas in half.  Then slowly begin to blend this lighter color with the two darker colors on either side of it until they seem to fade into one another.  Done.


12”x24” Canvas- $4.99, Michael’s.

Liquitex Paint (Bright Aqua Green, Cobalt Blue Hue, White)- $17.97, NY Central Art Supply (62 3rd Ave).

Total Cost- $22.96

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