Co Collection Spring 2017

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I hadn’t heard of Co until about a month ago, but after seeing these images from the Co Collection Spring 2017 collection, I can say without hesitation that I’m a fan. The California-based brand launched in 2012 with a collection of knits and fur jackets, but their newest collection features feminine silhouettes, metallic ruffles, and elegant separates. And with the majority of dresses retailing for under $1,000, one could start saving up now and probably (possibly? maybe?) be able to splurge come Spring. Whee! 01-co-spring-2017-rtw02-co-spring-2017-rtw03-co-spring-2017-rtw 05-co-spring-2017-rtw 4-co-spring-201706-co-spring-2017-rtw 07-co-spring-2017-rtw 08-co-spring-2017-rtw09-co-spring-2017-rtw 10-co-spring-2017-rtw 11-co-spring-2017-rtw 12-co-spring-2017-rtw 13-co-spring-2017-rtw 14-co-spring-2017-rtw15-co-spring-2017-rtw 16-co-spring-2017-rtw 17-co-spring-2017-rtw 18-co-spring-2017-rtw 19-co-spring-2017-rtw 20-co-spring-2017-rtw 21-co-spring-2017-rtw 22-co-spring-2017-rtw 23-co-spring-2017-rtw 24-co-spring-2017-rtw 25-co-spring-2017-rtw 26-co-spring-2017-rtw

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