Bouchra Jarrar Haute Couture

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I don’t know much about Bouchra Jarrar. I mean, she doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page in English. But ever since I saw this collection I’ve had a bit of a lady crush. Unlike Elie Saab, her focus is not on dramatic evening gowns, but rather on chic daywear. Her publicist, rather perfectly, dubbed it “Couture du jour” before her show earlier this week. Bouchra’s belief that “a woman looks most elegant in trousers” came through loud and clear with the crisp, perfectly tailored ones she sent down the runway. Here are my favorite looks from Bouchra Jarrar Haute Couture. 

 bouchra-jarrar-fall-2013-couture-01_163847635090 bouchra-jarrar-fall-2013-couture-18_163901459950 bouchra-jarrar-fall-2013-couture-16_163900484526 bouchra-jarrar-fall-2013-couture-15_16385959292 bouchra-jarrar-fall-2013-couture-11_163856995323 bouchra-jarrar-fall-2013-couture-08_163853580963 bouchra-jarrar-fall-2013-couture-07_163852347717 bouchra-jarrar-fall-2013-couture-06_163851304649


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