Just Keep Spinning, Just Keep Spinning

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I’ve always wanted to try biking in NYC. But I also want to live. And I’m not sure the two can coexist. However, the recent arrival of Citi Bikes to New York has tempted me to throw caution to the wind and start pedaling away with abandon. (Maybe even without a helmet! Gasp!) I mean, everyone’s doing it. Even Leo.

If I were to buy a bike of my own, and if I still lived in Buenos Aires,  my choice would be Belosophy, whose site I snagged the above image from. But since I won’t and I don’t, I’m going to focus on looking cute while cruising down the city streets. Here’s some inspiration…


Dog. Bike. Audrey. Trifecta.


I tell myself this ismage is a lie and no one looks this cute on a bike IN A DRESS.


Elle Macpherson is. the. best. And she’s even better when she’s on a bike.


I think Solange has the right idea. Walking your bike, while not very practical, looks cool and is safe.


Could this be cuter? I’m just waiting for her to pull a teacup piglet out of her pink hat box.


And it doesn’t get chicer than Hermes, so we’ll say farewell!


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