Back in States, back on Wagon

After a year in Argentina, much of which was spent consuming steak, cheese, wine, and dulce de leche filled/covered pastries, I have returned to the States, well aware that these habits cannot continue. Sadly, I can no longer consider a leisurely stroll a sufficient cardiovascular activity. Especially when said leisurely stroll ends at a bakery. Thus, I decided that I must hop back on the proverbial wagon shortly upon my return.

Enter the tpECOmat Ultra from Kulae, a company whose mission is “to provide the most stylish + eco-friendly yoga gear on the planet.” Perfect for Pilates or yoga, the tpECOmat Ultra is half an inch thick (making it super comfortable) and has amazing grip (even my unusually sweaty palms were no match). ┬áPlus, the mat is made using closed cell technology so germs and odor can’t penetrate the surface. Yay! Germs are gross.

Now, you may be wondering about the name – tpEco? Well TPE, or thermoplastic elastomer is the eco-friendly material that the mat is made of; it contains no PVC, latex, or rubber, and no toxic materials are used in its production. Thus, my powers of deduction lead me to believe that TPE + eco-friendly = tpEco. Boom. Is your mind blown?

PLUS, the tpECOmat Ultra┬ábiodegreades naturally in landfills. But I don’t know why you would ever throw it away.

tpECOmat, $69 at

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