Pearl & Ash: Almost as good as real pearls

Pearl & Ash

Last weekend, I was walking up Bowery when, among all of the closed restaurant supply stores, I came upon an actual restaurant. And a beautiful one at that. Newly opened Pearl & Ash serves an eclectic menu of small plates created by Chef Richard Kuo. (Ok, if you really want you can order full sized entrees, but the menu is so interesting, why anyone wouldn’t want to try as many things as possible is beyond me.) Anyway, when deciding where to go to dinner this weekend, we settled on this place pretty quickly.

The first thing you notice when you walk in to Pearl & Ash is the stunning interior- an industrial-chic backlit bar to the right and a stunning shadow box wall to the left. It takes 5 staff members half an hour to light the 120 candles scattered throughout the space. Maybe not the best use of time, but the effect is awesome.

On to the food. Deciding what to get was surprisingly challenging considering that we wanted to order 5 or 6 small plates. Everything was super intriguing, but eventually we settled on the following:

From the Raw section: hanger, egg, cocoa, melba

From the Small plates section: tea cured salmon, goat cheese, tamarind, seaweed

From the Fish section: mussels, hen of the woods, pumpernickel

From the Meat section: quail, almond, pomegranate, chicken skin

From the Veggie section: brussels sprouts, pearl onions

And from the Sugar section: coffee semifreddo & cake (No picture on the website, but it was delish.)

We didn’t order the potatoes, but got to chatting with the couple next to us who kindly offered us some. And they were unreal. Who says New Yorkers aren’t friendly? Long story short, dinner at Pearl & Ash was great. I would highly recommend it. Plus the small plates are all under $15, so you can stuff your face without breaking the bank.

Pearl & Ash is located at 220 Bowery, between Prince and Spring.

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